June 11, 2019

Last week we received an email from Miami Date Animal Services with a plea to rescue a little pregnant brindle girl named Abby, who was one of 99 severely neglected dogs seized from a hoarder in Dade county. After reading the story and seeing her picture – a little dog in rusty crate – we could not even figure out what she looked like but we didn’t care.

Happy to help, we drove to Miami and picked her up on Sunday. She was at MDAS with almost a hundred dogs in the same or worse condition than she was. Behind the medical issues were the emotional ones. These dogs were all terrified of people, sick, injured, tired, breeding.

The house where Abby lived with 99 other dogs.

As we walked through the kennels at MDAS we saw some of her housemates, shown above in the house they lived in with they abuser- in varying stages of getting baths, getting rescued, some of the more medically compromised waiting in the pre-surgery rooms as staff works through processing and vaccinating them. Heart breaking! Please don’t be mistaken – this IS a crime, what these dogs have endured.

Unfortunately, this type of abuse usually results in “trying to get the owner to counseling” as mediation, rather than punishment or retribution, or even justice. Therefore the only thing we can hope for with the type of abuse is that people help prevent it to begin with, or report it when they see it. “See something, Say something”. Some one out there said something, they picked up the phone and called the right people, which made change happen. That is the ONLY reason these dogs have been taken from this hell that was their home. Say something for dogs like Abby.

Abby is due to have her babies any time now – and we are ready to welcome her family and begin healing her emotionally and physically. Abby is calm, sweet, curious, exhausted, confused, malnutritioned, cautious and she hides her face from us. All of her bones are visible through her fur, and her belly descends to the floor. She stands up slowly.

Abby settling in to have her puppies.

It is obvious this is not her first litter. It will be her last litter. We have our canine rehabilitation crew working on bringing her out of her shell, and she wags and feels better with other dogs around.

Momma Abby

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Jennifer Myers is the co-founder and president of Juno Humane Inc. A humane educator since 2007, Jennifer strives to provide the education people need to make humane and sustainable choices through her workshops, blogs and home school programs. Jennifer received her Doctorate degree in Education and Health Care from Nova Southeastern University. Her research interest includes holistic health and wellness, holistic veterinary care, and animal cruelty prevention. She lives South Florida with her pack of rescued dogs and blue bees.