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Little Bear - Juno Humane Inc

Our Vision

We envision a world where our youth will to grow and develop into more caring, critical-thinking individuals, individuals with the ability to transform our world into a kinder, more sustainable place for everyone.

We aim to end the cycle of animal abuse and neglect in our communities by practicing compassion in action and providing opportunities for youth to get involved.


Our Story

This organization was formed in response to the neglect and suffering of animals we see around us here in south Florida.  Since receiving our 501(c)3 public charity status and before, we have been rescuing abused and injured animals in our communities, rehabilitating them in our homes, and documenting their stories of recovery and revival.  These stories are incorporated into our humane education programs for children and young adults.

We are now a registered Rescue Partner with Miami Dade Animal Services and Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control and our goal is to house and rehabilitate victims of abuse and neglect while their cases move through the court systems. The pets, mostly dogs,  currently wait in the animal control facility or are euthanized before the abuser even goes to court, leaving no "evidence" or documentation to aid in prosecution.  In 2019 we secured property to begin construction on our rehabilitation barn and quarantine kennel for these pets and our Court Case Dogs program.  We will rehabilitate and document their stories, for our humane education programs but also for justice.

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